Sunday, July 21, 2013

Aliens UD-4L "Cheyenne" Dropship - Weapons (part2)

Just finished creating 3D models of the missiles for the UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship. Previous they were just 'dummy' objects, so I could visualise the space they took up when creating the weapon pods . The missiles that the dropship can carry are:

  • Mk. 16 150mm Banshee 70
  • Mk. 10 Zeus
  • Mk. 88 SGW
  • AGM-220C Hellhound II
  • AGM-20A TSAM
  • AIM-90E Headlock
Now that I've got the missiles it was time to correct the geometry of the weapon pods as they were very rough 3D models.

To get the scale and size of the objects I've been bouncing between my Aoshima Diecast model and the "Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual".

I'm struggling to make fit and act correctly are the two ramps; one for the APC and one for the personnel ramp/stairs to the rear of the APC ramp. Maybe Dropship 01 and Dropship 02 are different?

One thing I still find odd about the weapon systems on the UD-4L is that it is very comparable to modern day weapon systems. I would of expected energy weapons that could of been delivered by disposable 'drones'.

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