Tuesday, October 23, 2012

KU-Band Antenna

I'm now working on the KU Band Antenna. I've got some basic information and a lot of photographs. So far I'm 90(ish)% happy with it. I need to create some animation reference points, tweak the materials and then the model for the KU-Band Antenna is complete.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Space Shuttle Render with POV-Ray

Started to get to grips with outputting from Wings3D into POV-Ray tonight. After a few hours of playing about with materials and light sources I finally got some good renders.

I'm not overall happy with the metallic effect on the radiator, that's because of me being a complete novice. Also, I need to work on the shadows, making them softer will improve the quality of the image.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

SRMS Elbow and End Effector CCTV Cameras

Now that I've got a basic model of the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System (SRMS), I've added the End Effector and Elbow CCTV Cameras to SRMS and compared them to photos taken from various STS missions.

After researching for more reference data, I now know that the CCTV Camera on the Elbow Joint appears to be at a different angle to what I expected it to be. Currently, I've modeled it so that it's in-line with the SRMS. However, this is wrong and it appears to be at an odd angle, leaning into the Payload Bay when the SRMS is deployed. When comparing the 3D model to the below photograph, I'm now assuming that this angle is around a 30° lean towards the Payload Bay. Once again 'Best Guess'.

The End Effector CCTV Camera, like the Elbow CCTV Camera, I thought was in line with the SRMS, but this too appears to be at an angle. Looking at the picture above, it appears to be level to the Payload bay when the SRMS is deployed. I'm assuming from a pre-1981 Space Shuttle Program document that this deployed angle for the SRMS is leaning 15° away from the Payload Bay. When the SRMS is stowed, it's leaning towards the Payload Bay by 15°. However, I'd love to get this confirmed.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Orbiter's Payload 3D Model (Part 2)

I've now got a 'Good' model of the payload bay complete with cameras, Aft and Forward bulkhead hand rails and I've even got a half decent Orbiter Docking System modelled. I'm now working on the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System, which I've got minimum information to work with. Too much of it is 'best guess' with little, obsolete or incomplete drawings. The best source has been a document called "Space Shuttle Technical Conference, part 2". It's given me enough to create something that I can perfect at a later date. I think I've done all right with the lack of real data.