Sunday, September 23, 2012

Orbiter's Payload 3D Model

Managed to get a hour to model the Orbiter Docking System. A bit more detail needs to be added. Then I'll move onto the camera system.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Projects to date...

Just had the evening to myself to find out how far along my current projects have progressed. So far I have the current projects in 'live' status.

  • Project <Blank> - 1 out of 4 models complete. Texturing in progress on that first 3D model. Two other 3D models will be adaptions of the first 3D model. Interior model complete, but needs to go through a polygon reduction process. The forth model is a different 3D model and that is a work in progress. No interior model required for the time being.
  • Shuttle project - External model complete and textured. Payload now being modelled with configurable options. Flight deck almost complete and awaiting the UV map to be created for the textures. Both the old (CRT) and new (MEDS) cockpit configurations will be done. Mid-deck model and textures completed. The 3D models for the External Tanks and SRBs complete. Creating the UV maps for Texturing has started.
  • International Space Station - Halfway through 3D modelling the modules. One third complete on the Truss sections. Not started on the textures.
  • SCA - very basic 3D model completed. Will add details to it later.
  • Kennedy Space Center - VAB fully complete. LC-39 drawings and information obtained, and modelling to start soon(ish). Crawler and MLP started, but at a very basic phase. All these models will be low polygon 3D models.
Projects on indefinite hold:

  • F-35 A, B and C - On hold due to lack of information, mainly good reference drawings. Also Project <blank>, Shuttle and ISS projects have taken priority.
  • WASP Carrier - Project <blank>, Shuttle and ISS projects have taken priority.
  • Alien dropship UD-4L - sadly left in a neglected state. Interior needs to be modelled, but there is no good reference drawings to get a 'good' model of the cockpit and APC bay. No textures created, but I aim to create various camouflage types.
  • Aliens APC - As with all movies models, I find that the interior rarely fits in the exterior. So placed on the project on hold.
Projects complete:


Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Open the cargo bay doors, HAL!"

I've started to work on the Orbiter's payload bay. In the previous 3D Model, this was not required for F-Sim Shuttle, as it was just a landing simulator.
Now, I have to stress, this is purely a test model to see how little (or much) I've got to modify the current 3D model to make the payload bay 'fit'. So far, the payload bay and test objects such ad ISS Modules fit perfectly.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ISS Low Res Model (Part 2)

I've managed to get a couple of free lunch breaks to work on the ISS. The Truss structure is a complex thing to simplify. What do I keep, what do I delete? I've got an idea...
The JEM Module is complete. Destiny Lab, Nodes and Columbus just need arm grapple points, the Orbiter Grapple Trunnions and Astronaut Handles adding