Sunday, July 21, 2013

Aliens UD-4L "Cheyenne" Dropship - Weapons (part2)

Just finished creating 3D models of the missiles for the UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship. Previous they were just 'dummy' objects, so I could visualise the space they took up when creating the weapon pods . The missiles that the dropship can carry are:

  • Mk. 16 150mm Banshee 70
  • Mk. 10 Zeus
  • Mk. 88 SGW
  • AGM-220C Hellhound II
  • AGM-20A TSAM
  • AIM-90E Headlock
Now that I've got the missiles it was time to correct the geometry of the weapon pods as they were very rough 3D models.

To get the scale and size of the objects I've been bouncing between my Aoshima Diecast model and the "Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual".

I'm struggling to make fit and act correctly are the two ramps; one for the APC and one for the personnel ramp/stairs to the rear of the APC ramp. Maybe Dropship 01 and Dropship 02 are different?

One thing I still find odd about the weapon systems on the UD-4L is that it is very comparable to modern day weapon systems. I would of expected energy weapons that could of been delivered by disposable 'drones'.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Aliens UD-4L "Cheyenne" Dropship and M577 APC Scene

Quick post to show the 3D scene I'm working on. Its part of the landing and deployment of the UD-4L "Cheyenne" Dropship and M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) 3D Models. I'll be adding more ground objects and some how add a rain effect. I'll probably use GIMP to alter the final render. 

Lighting still needs tweaks and there is still a lot of 3D modelling for the two main objects: Dropship and APC. 

I'll be working on the weapon pod on the dropship in the next days. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Aliens M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier 3D Model (Part2)

I've done some work on the rear section: lights, ladder, external storage units, engine vents. Also, I've made the door as a separate object so it can be moved in to the open position.

Odd discovery last night, originally the aircraft tug that the M577 APC was created from was made by Hunslet Engines. This is based near one of the places where I work in Leeds. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Aliens M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier 3D Model

I've picked up were I left the Aliens M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) 3D model project, which was some significant time ago! Now that I have several production photos of the APC, I can focus on the details.

I'm doing this project on my lunch breaks, as it helpd pass the time. Next, I'm going toadd the details that you can see in the first image.Then I'm going to attempt the inside, which maybe fun as the drawings I have of the interior don't quite match the exterior, kinda a TARDIS effect going on...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pre-Production version of the Dropship

After doing a bit more research, I've discovered one of Ron Cobb's early designs blueprints of the UD-4L Dropship. In my opinion, this looks better than the film version of the Dropship.

The mid 'hover' engines appear in the middle of the craft, which make more sense. They are just under the rear weapon pods which would indicate that the pod splits with the lower section staying in location and the top half rotates away. In the film version, the pod fully rotates over.

The APC looks more maneuverable, higher off the ground and just looks more 'bad-ass' futuristic as compared to the film version.

I would like to make both these, however, I can't fit it in with current projects, but I will attempt these later this year. Maybe call the Dropship UD-4M or UD-5.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Aliens UD-4L "Cheyenne" Dropship Cockpit

During my lunch breaks, I try to fill the downtime by researching 3D models, I know it's sad :) Sometimes I get lucky with finding good scans of blueprints or 2D CAD drawings. Sometimes I even find good photos taken at precise angles.

I've been trying to looking for decent drawings of the UD-4L "Cheyenne" Dropship's cockpit for the last 5 years, without much success. Last week, I have eventually found something that I use:

I also found a bunch of good movie stills, including photos of Dropship interior. This one of the 'cargo bay' has been very useful.

However, in the image below I spotted something that looked very wrong, guess what it is:

The HUD. It's too low and would make it totally impractical to use! I've watched this film many, many times and I missed this detail.

Anyway, I've made improvements to the cockpit and the next stage is to add the consoles and that useless HUD...