Sunday, February 10, 2013

Launch Complex 39 (Part 1)

It's late and I'm suffering from insomnia. I've just started work on another Space Shuttle 3D Model, NASA's Launch Complex 39 (LC-39). This is not going to be highly detailed, as I can't get decent drawings.
Now, I better get to bed and try to sleep, now that the hot milk has kicked in...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Crawler Transporter (Part 7)

After getting the 3D model to were I had it last week, I now feel relieved. In the 'older' version of the Crawler Transporter, the walkway had series of major errors that I could not iron out. Basically, the floor was warped, just enough to throw it off so you could see it. Anyway, the new walkway is has a lower polygon count, easier to modify and most importantly, it fits.

I've created the external model of the driver cabs. There are some minor errors in the rear section of the driver cabs, but these can be altered when I get access to clearer photographs of the driver cabs.