Sunday, February 10, 2013

Launch Complex 39 (Part 1)

It's late and I'm suffering from insomnia. I've just started work on another Space Shuttle 3D Model, NASA's Launch Complex 39 (LC-39). This is not going to be highly detailed, as I can't get decent drawings.
Now, I better get to bed and try to sleep, now that the hot milk has kicked in...


Johann said...

Hi there,

is there any way to get in contact with you?

I'm working on an artwork in Photoshop for a non-profit culture project and would like to ask you about a Spaceship 3D Rendering as I truly need a "screenshot" of the Spaceshuttle from a specific POV (100% front). This is no spam! I tried hard to find any usefull 3D models in the webz but the only one I could get was the one by NASA and it's noway near HD quality. I found your blog via Google.

Would be glad if you answered, I'll look back here hour-wise.

With kind regards from Germany,


Desktopsimmer said...

Hi, the space shuttle model is not 100% complete. The SRB and ET are not textured yet. The orbiter is going through an update at the moment. I do not have any timescales for this project, as I'm doing this when I have free time. I'm not going to release the model to the general public. However, if you need a screenshot I will gladly provide one.


Anonymous said...


thanks for your replay and sorry that it took so long to answer. I did find a photo of the shuttle that suits my needs quite well.

I'll let you know when my work is finished so you can see what I did =)

Thanks again and keep going, regards