Sunday, August 25, 2013

Aliens UD-4L "Cheyenne" Dropship - Ramp Details (part4)

I've now added more details to the 3D model of the ramp system on the UD-4L "Cheyenne" Dropship. Whilst watching the Aliens film (again) for the APC loading sequence, I've noticed that I needed to make modifications to the payload bay floor of the dropship. By making it 'thicker', it has removed some of the issues I was having with the location of the chairs in the payload bay, with respect to having the APC in the payload bay.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aliens UD-4L "Cheyenne" Dropship - Payload Bay (part3)

This is a very cramped space. Once the M577 APC was added to the 3D model of the UD-4L "Cheyenne" Dropship, I immediately noticed that the space in the payload / cargo bay for the chairs was going to be a challenge. I've taken a few 'liberties' on exact location of the chairs. The chair Hicks was sat in appears to be on the ramp on the Aliens film set. However, after a bit of creative tweaking, I've got it to fit.

Next: add a door to the Cockpit/Flight Deck and to add equipment details to the interior.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Space Shuttle Orbiter Umbilicals

As requested here is some screen shots without the External Tank:

This is one of my Drawing Resources for the Orbiter Umbilicals

USS Sulaco - Hangar Bay (Part 2)

I've 'refined' the walls of  the 3D model of USS Sulaco's hangar and adjusted the number of 'side-support' structures to match the film set. I have been using the "Aliens - Definitive Edition" DVD as my main source of information for the hangar layout., as it has multiple views of the hangar and the UD-4L 'Cheyenne' Dropship.

The 3D model hangar is still far 'perfect', but it starting to get the look of the USS Sulaco's hangar. I've added a 'basic' crane in the hangar and have 'loosely' positioned the crane components. The four main vertical components that run down the Dropship's centre fuselage, I have no idea what their exact purpose is; fuel transfer, grapple, who knows. I'll model these better after watching the film, again :)

I have also discovered that in the pressure chamber that is under the primary Dropship, it has at least three supports that hold the Dropship in place prior to launch. Two under the forward weapon pylons, a third at the rear of the craft. Must remember to model these

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

USS Sulaco - Hangar Bay

It very rough 3D model, with no dimensional reference. I'm just basing it on complete best guess from the movie and photographs that where taken on the set.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Downloadable Resources - Addition

I've added some technical drawings of the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft to the Downloadable Resources page.

USS Sulaco (Part 2)

Last night I had trouble getting to sleep, so I thought do a quick hour of 3D modelling on the USS Sulaco to tire me out. At 4am I decided that I should really get some sleep. In those early hours of the morning, I tidied up the Engine and Fusion Torus sections, re-sized and positioned the Particle Beam weapons and eventually connected the four sections together.
Job outstanding:

  • The IR Mast is still not attached to the main hull.
  • The Rail Cannons need to be created. 
  • For the forward antenna array, I need some better drawings to clarify positions
  • Complete the detailing on the underside as well as a basic hangar bay.

In the lower image you can get a sense of scale of the USS Sulaco. The  few pixels below it are an UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship, measuring at 26.5 meters. If the antenna array was complete, the over all length is 731 meters.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

USS Sulaco - Challenge!

Every once in a while I set myself little 3D challenges. Basically, I have one weekend (Friday evening to Sunday 9pm), to build a basic 3D model that is good enough to represent what is supposed to be. In this case to create the 3D model the USS Sulaco from the film Aliens. By late Sunday afternoon it definitely looked like I was going to completely miss the deadline. I think in total, I've actually spent only 8-10 hours creating the 3D Model.

For reference materials, I've used the excellent blueprint drawings by Space Jockey, which are available on his website Another source I've used is the huge paper model of the USS Sulaco, which is available at Created by Jan RuKr (a.k.a. Alien99), this is an impressive project and if I get hold of a decent inkjet printer that can print on card, I'll have a go...

So, whilst sitting here, writing this blog and drinking my 'L-oser' coffee, I'm going to place this project back-burner and continue on... ;)