Sunday, August 4, 2013

USS Sulaco - Challenge!

Every once in a while I set myself little 3D challenges. Basically, I have one weekend (Friday evening to Sunday 9pm), to build a basic 3D model that is good enough to represent what is supposed to be. In this case to create the 3D model the USS Sulaco from the film Aliens. By late Sunday afternoon it definitely looked like I was going to completely miss the deadline. I think in total, I've actually spent only 8-10 hours creating the 3D Model.

For reference materials, I've used the excellent blueprint drawings by Space Jockey, which are available on his website Another source I've used is the huge paper model of the USS Sulaco, which is available at Created by Jan RuKr (a.k.a. Alien99), this is an impressive project and if I get hold of a decent inkjet printer that can print on card, I'll have a go...

So, whilst sitting here, writing this blog and drinking my 'L-oser' coffee, I'm going to place this project back-burner and continue on... ;)

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