Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pre-Production version of the Dropship

After doing a bit more research, I've discovered one of Ron Cobb's early designs blueprints of the UD-4L Dropship. In my opinion, this looks better than the film version of the Dropship.

The mid 'hover' engines appear in the middle of the craft, which make more sense. They are just under the rear weapon pods which would indicate that the pod splits with the lower section staying in location and the top half rotates away. In the film version, the pod fully rotates over.

The APC looks more maneuverable, higher off the ground and just looks more 'bad-ass' futuristic as compared to the film version.

I would like to make both these, however, I can't fit it in with current projects, but I will attempt these later this year. Maybe call the Dropship UD-4M or UD-5.

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