Saturday, January 17, 2009

Side Hatch Complete, for now...

Side Hatch completed, well kind of. I've got a temporary solution by colouring in the sides of the side hatch in shaded grey, as i'm not sure what is actually there.


Pete said...

Looking cool!

Question: Will the side hatch window have actual glass effects eventually?

Anyway, here's a few more hatch pics:

And not forgetting this:-)


Desktopsimmer said...

Once again, thanks for the information. The second picture shows just what I need, just need a good side view :)

The Panoscan files I've been using to 'fill' the holes of missing information., I've got them all left, centre and right.

The only thing I'm missing is a decent image that shows almost exactly where the three panes of glass are in the side hatch. I will be doing a lot of searches later tonight.

Just realised that I have forgot to add the hinge system on the hatch, but I'll do that later :)

Once again many thanks,

Pete said...
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Pete said...
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Pete said...

Info on side hatch windows:

All I can find for now :-)

Desktopsimmer said...

Thanks Pete, Already got that one. tells me loads about the shape, but sadly nothing about location or 'detailed' size info.

I'm on a google/NASA search now :)

Desktopsimmer said...

Found this, But I'm almost sure that it's not to scale