Monday, January 19, 2009

The Big Picture

I've been asked what does it look like so far, with all parts in the same screenshot. Well, always happy to oblige :)This is a view from near the Side Hatch. As you can see the Escape Pole is not textured. In the near future, I'll be making alterations to the 'Hook-ups' on the left, as they take up too many polygons. I'm not sure whether to combine them, or keep them separate. The release mechanism is finished at long last. After the 'Hook-ups' are modelled, I'll be adding the brackets, which I've just got some data this morning, which shows the size and locations of all the brackets, both for the stowed and Launch/landing positions.

Good side view above. I have started texturing the galley, starting of the RHC. The Galley should take another day or so. I'm also experimenting with a low Polygon Switch on the galley model. The base of the switch will be a textured to the main model (galley) and the switch and guards with be very low polygon model. The rest of the panels will be 100% textures for now, but I'll look at upgrading them later.

After the Galley, I'll be looking at texturing the Left and Right Sides of the Mid-deck walls. However, I'll be leaving the actual panels textures to last.

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