Monday, January 12, 2009

Guillow's Space Shuttle Columbia - Balsa Wood Model

A Break from the Middeck...

Many year's ago in 1982, a modelling company called Guillow's created a balsa wood model of the Space Shuttle Columbia (Kit No. 1201). I happened to find by complete chance an un-assembled kit on e-bay. The instructions, parts and box are still in extremely good condition and I've been tempted to assemble it. However, this is probably the last un-assembled kit, so I'm going to make a CAD copy of the parts to that I can reproduce the kit for myself.

Above is some of the parts from the kit plan.


wongflyer said...

interested in plans, please pm
please put balsa shuttle in title

Chris said...

I'm interested in the plans, please email

Dennis said...

I have a complete kit in the box. The box is torn on one corner. I believe it is all there. Plans, decals, everything. What is this worth?


Desktopsimmer said...

Regarding release the plans, I think it would cause copyright issues with Guillows.

I don't know how much the kit plans are worth. I was lucky and managed to get a good deal on eBay.

ArvydasCet said...

Dear George, would it still be possible to get those plans?

George Winnard said...

Hi, At the moment sadly no. However in the future possibly. thi sis mainly because I have to devote time to Family, Work and a couple of other projects. I am planning to complete an electronic version however this I have nopt idea when this will be. Hopefully this year, but I'm not promising anything. The Original scan I have, I might try to 'clean-up' but this will also take time to do.

Once some of my current project are closer to completion, I'll look at picking up the project.

Best Regards

Gerard said...

I have these plans as well, having built this kit back in '96. ADDED BONUS: the kit was for the orbiter alone. With a friend, we cobbled together a set of (makeshift) scale plans for the external tank and boosters as well. Any interest in these?