Monday, March 23, 2015

Aliens M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier 3D Model (Part3)

I've been working on the interior 3D model of Aliens M577 APC using hoto Stills from the film and the blueprints of the APC from Hydride-ion. The interior has a lot of objects in it, which I'll use some of them. This is mainly because creating renders of other high detail projects takes sometimes a few hours to render.

This is one of a number of back burner projects that I return to when I need to elevate stress from my main projects. Often when I'm stuck for information or struggling how to create the 3D model. I also use these back burners to try materials and lighting effects.

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baz44331 said...

hello man. I was wondering If i could use your dropship model and car to add it to the game Arma 3 and a mod for all the Aliens fans, If you could please drop me a Email. thanks and great work!.