Sunday, November 23, 2014

North American Aviation X-15A-2 - X-15 to X-15A-2 Modification (Pimp up my Rocket plane!)

I've stretched limo'ed the North American Aviation X-15 into the X15A-2. Noticeable modifications are:

  • Add 29 inches to the fuselage. Done, see picture below :).
  • Add 6.75 inches to the Skid Gear. Not to sure where it is added to. It appears to be on the main section. If this is the case, it's an easy modification.
  • Canopy to have the oval windows and 'Eye-lid' on the Port side. 
  • Finally some modifications to the rear section of the fuselage for the additional H2O2 / Helium tanks.
The hardest part will be to modify the cramped texture file for the extensiosn, but there *should* be enough room. Fingers crossed...

I know I've got the wrong texture file, this is just for illustration purposes.

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