Friday, October 17, 2014

ISS Renders with 3D models of the Space Shuttle, Soyuz and SpaceX Dragon

I been experimenting renders using Kerkythea. I've created renders of the International Space Station (ISS) 3D model. I've added the Space Shuttle, Soyuz and SpaceX Dragon to the renders. The Iss is not complete as it's missing some Russian modules and Solar Arrays.

Please tell me what you think.


jim green said...

When will you release the new X-15 game?I can't wait any more.

jim green said...

Please tell me something about the game,thanks a lot!

George Winnard said...


At the moment we're testing, reporting and tweaking, testing reporting...cycled out minor bugs. I'm in the process of finishing off some of the external 3D models.

Earlier I was able to work on the X-15 at work, but now the level of detail and high resolution textures have not allowed me to work on the X-15 on my work's PC as it's not 3D desktop. (my home PC is far more powerful).

Also, I've had delays due to some personal matters in my life. However things are returning to 'a normal' where I can time to concentrate on the X-15 Project :)