Thursday, July 10, 2014

Buran / OK-GLI (BTS-02) 3D Model - Part 6

Amazing what you can do with 2 lunch breaks. I've copied the Buran 'Standard' 3D Model and created the OK-GLI (BTS-02) "Buran aerodynamic analogue" 3D Model. The Nose Landing Gear was a bit of a challenger and in the end, I just modified the existing landing gear to suit.

Still some tweak sand modification to do, but it's almost there.


DaveS said...

Any plans to add textures to your Burans?

George Winnard said...

Hi Dave,

Simple answer, not at this moment, as I need to focus on another project. However I would like to complete it with Textures and a 3D model of the Energia system too.

So watch this blog ;)