Friday, July 4, 2014

Buran 3D Model - Part 5

[Russian mode on]
Comrades! The Superior Soviet draft 3D model of the Буран is complete! Let us rejoice on the American's Independence Day.
[Russian mode off]

Seriously, Happy 4th of July to you all across the Atlantic pond, and where ever you all are.

Even though there are some tweaks to the external 3D model to be done, I'm quite please with with the Soviet Orbiter Buran. I'm also tempted to do the OK-GLI (BTS-02) "Buran aerodynamic analogue" version too.

Directly comparing the 3D Models of the Soviet Orbiter to the US Orbiter is quite interesting to see something that looks very similar, but to have to have all the minor differences that your wouldn't notice until you compare them when they are next to each other. Which is better? neither IMHO. Both are as good as each other :)

...and before you ask, I don't know if it's going to be in a future simulator ;)


George Winnard said...

No one spotted the error with the Nose Gear? Good ;)

Liudvikas Launikonis said...

If it won't make it to the simulator, you can always sell it for cash :-)
Anyways, looks really damn good.

DaveS said...

Well, you could always make it an Orbiter add-on. And I don't know about the NLG, is it too short?

George Winnard said...

Thanks Liudvikas, Once I've detailed and textured it and I'll see what happens then :)

DaveS, was there an Buran add-on based on the 3D model from Anyway the mistake I made was that I've made two NLG doors, instead of the one, hinging on the right side. D'oh! :)

DaveS said...

There was but it doesn't work anymore in the latest version.

So a new one would be great to have.