Sunday, November 3, 2013

NASA Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) Engineering Drawings, 3Views, etc Required

I've spent the best part of this afternoon trying to get basic engineering/technical drawings (3-views, First hand, third hand drawing, etc) of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) and the Rover Curiosity from the internet. Normally I would find something in a PDF on NASA NTRS site, but sadly there is hardly anything there. At best I can find some good CAD isometric renders, or high quality movies and stills of the movie, but nothing really useful.

I have found these two, but they don't give me enough to start creating 3D models:

1-Cruise stage, 2- Backshell, 3- Descent stage, 4- Curiousity rover, 5- Heat Shield, 6- Parachute
Source: Wikipedia

Backshell and Heat Shield. Source: NASA.

Any help is most appreciated.


Liudvikas Launikonis said...

Liudvikas Launikonis said...

And you should also know that all of the JPL rover designs are very strongly protected...
Thats why you are not finding anything.

George Winnard said...

Thanks for the Link of the Large CAD drawing :)

Yes, I suspect that we won't see the drawings for a very long time, especially if they are going to make a second 'Rover' for a 2020 mission. NASA has been usually quiet about releasing data on NTRS after they shut it down a few months ago.

However, look on NTRS carefully and there are a few usable drawings hidden in reports. They are not high quality, but they do give you starting point.