Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mars Science Laboratory - Curiosity (Part 1)

I've started to create the 3D Model of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) as I need a break from current projects. After searching NTRS and reading through a mountain of PDFs, eventually, I've found a couple of usable drawings. From these drawings, I've managed to bodge* something together. Actually, I'm quite pleased with the results.

make or repair (something) badly or clumsily:


Liudvikas Launikonis said...
Here ya go!
This will definetely help in making the "head"!

George Winnard said...

Thanks, however the masthead part I did find some information on the NASA Technical Report Server. Some of the other science instrument are going to be 'Best guess' :)

Simon Hinton said...

Hi, I've been meaning to make my own replica of the rover, could you share which NASA report you found those orthographic drawings in? I cant seem to find a thing either :\

George Winnard said...

Hi Simon,

I've basically got image from PDF on one of JPL website:

Search for "Mars Science Laboratory" There are a few good documents there, but its a time consuming task searching through them. Also, some of the drawings are not the final version.

I'll try to remember to place some drawing on the Download Resource section of my site.

George Winnard said...
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Simon Hinton said...

Perfect, thank you very much! :)