Friday, October 4, 2013

North American Aviation X-15 (part 1)

Secretly, this is the hush-hush 3D Model project I've been working on, The North American Aviation X-15.

I'm modelling the X-15 with the XLR-11 engine, X-15 with XLR-99 engine and the X-15A-2 (both in white and pink colour schemes. So far I have the XLR-11 variant complete and now working on the XLR-99 variant. Here is the X-15 (66670) with the XLR-11 engines.

I've added a basic hangar, so I can create rendered views with various pieces of equipment surrounding the X-15.

I've started on texturing the cockpit and whilst gathering information, I've found out there was very little space in there. This is the XLR-11 version of the cockpit.

Of course you'll need a B-52 to launch this manned missile:

Some preliminary work on the X-15A-2 (66671), including fuel tanks


Paper Kosmonaut said...

Very cool renderings, George. There are not so many people paying attention to the earlier X-15 appearances. They almost always solely focus on the A-2 version which, in my opinion is just a little too long and lacks all the sleek lines of the earlier versions because of those tanks and the incomplete tail. Also, great job on the BUFF!

George Winnard said...

Thanks :) when I first started this project I was surprised to find out what North Ameripican Aviation did to the original airframes. Pity they never created the delta wing and the twin seat versions. ;)