Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bell X-1 3D model (Part1)

Another 3D model emerging from the Desktopsimmer Skunk Works: The Bell X-1. It's just a preliminary rough 3D model for later use. Earlier last month I came across some drawings on the t'internet whilst researching the XLR-11 engines and was itching to get something drawn.

Okay, I know that the Skunk Works is Lockheed Martin, not Bell ;)


Anonymous said...

Would love to see this Sim! I have a book has detailed engineering drawings and photos of the X-1. Willing to donate to the cause.

George Winnard said...


I'm interested to know which book is it. I've got one blueprint drawing that is detailed enough for the fuselage, but not the wings, control surface, cockpit.