Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ISS Low Res Model - Z1 Truss (Part 7)

My latest offering for the International Space Station Project is the Z1 Truss (is it pronounced Zee one, or Zed one). This is one of those Truss components that are is some drawings regarding the general structure of the Truss components, but nothing on the details like the KU-Band Antenna.

The ISS assembly is now getting more and more 'complex', so I'm now looking at definitely changing from low polygon 3D model to a medium/high polygon 3D model. This is mainly because the hand rails and minor details are going to add significant amount of polygons.

Just so I could see the 'overall' picture, I've added two 'modified' Russian launched modules from the Mir Project. I'll work on these once the US modules are complete.


George Winnard said...

Glad no one noticed I had the Quest Airlock upside down. Quick rotate and we're back to normal :)

Terence Drew said...

Sorry George, it was the first thing I noticed! of course, this is because Im in the process of building my own model of the ISS in KSP...