Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mobile Launch Platform - Space Shuttle Era (part 2)

After spending many hours on the internet (again), I've not had much success looking for decent, scaled and readable drawing of the MLP for the Space Shuttle era. I could find a lot for the Apollo era, but there's nothing for the Space Shuttle version. There was only a couple that I could use and they were only of the top view.

However, I've downloaded a fair chunk of photographs, usable diagrams and a paper model of the MLP from AXM Paper Space Scale Models. I've also download a Space Shuttle and this should keep me quiet over the Christmas period. I've also found another card model from EDU-Craft Diversions which I'm attempted to buy and build for one of my 1:144 shuttles (yes, I have 3 un-built models). On the forum, a user called roma847 is building this heavy paper model with enhancements. Please follow his efforts here.

I've got a good layout of the top now, just need to work on the sound suppression system. However, that can await as I'm trying to concentrate on what I don't have for the MLP and that is details on the sides. I've done a bit of modelling very late last night and this is what I've achieved so far:

Also, I've messed around with lighting effects, as I would like to do a night scene. Here are my early drafts with night lighting effects:

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