Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mobile Launch Platform (Shuttle Era)

Okay Folks, I'm stuck. Over the last week, I've been searching for information on the Transport Crawler and Mobile Launch Platform (MLP). For the Transport Crawler, I've found enough information to start 3D modeling it.

For the MLP, I would like engineering drawings like the two above. I already have the top view. However what interests me is the 4 sides to the MLP, especially the walkways on Side 1 (front). So far, I've got enough information to form the basic shape and the Sound Suppression System, Tail Service Masts. but nothing for the sides.

 If anyone can help I would appreciate if you could leave a comment. Many thanks in advance.

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David Lockner said...

I know its probably a little late, however I have found this in my searches for the same thing http://environmental.ksc.nasa.gov/projects/documents/MLPreport.pdf ...I am doing a 3DS Max model of the entire LC39 for future animations...inside this PDF is a very detailed description of the MLP including all measurements. Also at the NASA Site in the KSC image gallery a search for MLP produces many high res images of all sides of the MLP for references.