Friday, November 2, 2012

Atlantis has left the VAB, and OBSS 3D Model


Following both on Twitter and on NASA TV, I've been watching the last movements of Atlantis. I've watched all of the Orbiters transitioning from active role to a retired role, which is sad as I wanted to see at least one launch and landing. But atleast I saw Discovery STS-114 on the pad :)

However, putting a positive spin on this, I thought this is not the end, more of a change of mission. Instead of being a mission of exploration and discovery, it's now a mission to educate and inspire for the future. Another plus I can now see, is that I'll be able to get up close to one (hopefully all) of these wonderful pieces of technology and now history.

Today has been great, tracking comments on Twitter and watching NASA TV. I would like to thank the kind people that have been fundamental of recording these historic moments for the future, both at NASA and the twitters who has relayed much to the world.

Orbiter Boom Sensor System

Now back to the 3D. I've now created the Orbiter Boom Sensor System (OBSS) and this needed to be perfect as the grapple points must be in the right location for the SRMS. Based on information I've managed to obtain from the internet, I've created a relatively simple 3D model. To see if I got the grapple locations right, I used SRMS positional angles to see where it would align.

I could not believe it, it fit's like a glove. I was almost convinced that somewhere in the 3D model of the SRMS, one or more of my 'Best Guesses' was going to be completely wrong and not align at all. So I'm feeling very pleased with the results.

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