Friday, November 21, 2008


Welcome one and all.

This is not going to be a blog containing my life and such things you find in many other blogs. I'm just using it to record progress with some of my 3D models.

Most of my Models have been created in Wings3D available free, yes free, at

Please do leave constructive technical input or the general thumbs up/down comments.

Any abusive comments, well I think you know what will happen ;)


Tor-DK said...

Hi Desktopsimmer,

I play F-SIM and occasionally post in the forum as Tor-DK.
Just looked through all your work. It amazing and a joy to look at.

Did you have a goal with all of the a Shuttle models as you started out (seeing it long before F-SIM)? Or is it purely for the fun and hobby of making the models?

Desktopsimmer said...

Modelling the space Shuttle Program, plus others, is a hobby that has evolved from making plastic kit models when I was a child. With F-Sim is just seem a natural choice to provide these models. Like you said on the forum, it has a lot of like minded people.

So long as Sascha wants models, I'll gladly provide them :), especially in the next venture ;) but its all hush-hush :)