Friday, November 21, 2008

Space Shuttle Middeck

The First entry is the Middeck Model of the Space shuttle I'm creating. So far I have a basic model, which is as close I can get to the real thing, without the use of scaled technical diagrams. It has been created from various pictures from NASA's web site and various books I have. The model is based on the basic current layout of the Real Space Shuttle, which does not have the internal airlock now, as that is now part of the ODS assembly.

The Story so far.....
  • Main 'Body/Shape' of the Middeck created, not textured. The celling is being worked on.
  • Many Panels still missing and research is in progress to get accurate images/diagrams (SCOM.pdf).
  • Seats created and textured.
  • Side Hatch Created, not textured. Having difficulty with modelling the mechanism around the hatch, it's three distinct bulges.
  • Internal Hatch created, not textured. It will need 'tweaking'.
  • Ladder created, not textured. It might need 'tweaking'.
  • Middeck Lockers, front texture, rear untextured.
  • 50% handrails included with the model, not textured.
  • Galley Created, needs more tweaking. (ML85E above with draft texture)
  • Waste Collection System, lots of work to be done, no real info about size or shape.

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