Sunday, April 27, 2014

SpaceX Dragon - On Orbit Configuration

This afternoon I started on creating a 3D model of the SpaceX Dragon. Information is very scarce, as it's a commercial private venture. However, and amazingly, I've got enough information to create the Dragon capsule and the trunk section. Already I've completed the Solar panels and hopefully I'll be finishing the trunk section by the next weekend. Thruster sizes and details on the Dragon Capsule, is non existent.

I'll probably do the Falcon9 (and variants) later, as I want to focus on this 3D model for the ISS 3D model.

On a personal note, I admire what Elon Musk and his company have achieved for the space industry, as well as other new companies are now doing, providing new, affordable, solutions to space travel. I think we're now definitely in a new era of space travel.

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