Friday, January 25, 2013

More Old Space Shuttle Data Found - Switches, Buttons, Panels and Scans of Guillow's Space Shuttle

Today I've been as sick as a dead parrot, and there one thing I hate more than being sick, lying in bed being sick. So, late this afternoon I dragged my bones to the 'workshop/office/games' room and did a bit of house keeping. Festering in the bottom of a drawer was a small cardboard box containing old USB memory sticks. Going through them I found a surprising gem, files relating to the old Space Shuttle project...

The first image is of switches and other panel components that I've drawn to scale.

Using these switches, I planned to add them to the image below, which is the original CRT and MEDS Orbiter forward panels of the flight deck. Some time ago, I was in the process of adding the components to the panels, when a few days later the HDD died and the project was lost. For some reason I copied to a USB memory stick. luckily.

The MEDS version was obtained from the Shuttle Crew Operations Manual (SCOM). The CRT version I think I built it from various PDFs and DXF file that were available at the time, or maybe an older version of the SCOM. I can't remember. I've also have DXF files of the other forward panels (Left, Right and Overhead), but I have nothing saved of the rear panels.

Also on this USB Stick, I've found scans of the Guillow's Space Shuttle Kit No. 1201 which I had purchased a few years ago. My plan at the time was to re-create the balsa parts from the kit plans and keep the original kit intact. I still may do this, but I have other projects rat the moment and at best this is going to be a side line project.

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