Friday, April 13, 2012

Space Shuttle External Tank and Solid Rocket Booster (part 2)

Currently I'm working a new project, which a NDA prevents me from saying what the project is. I'll be able to show you more at a later date when I'm permitted to do so. However, every once in a while I have to step back, take a breather from projects because I don't want to start hating something that I like doing.... and a break is good.

Anyway I digress. One minor project I'm working on is the Solid Rocket Booster and External Tank for the Space Shuttle. I've neglected them for a while, maybe too long, so I spent the last couple of nights working on the 'plumbing and structure' that is between the rear of External Tank and Orbiter done. Here are some updates:

I need to complete the attachment/bases of the structure that holds the Orbiter to the External tank, but that should take a couple of hours to do, then the SRB will need a tweak or two.

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Tiffany said...


I'm in the process of creating a 3D model of the space shuttle external tank myself and came across your blog! It is almost exactly what I wanted to do. How did you get all the information for the details? I'm building my model in Solidworks. What platform did you create yours in?