Monday, February 16, 2009

Rear Middeck

I had a spare hour or two today, which gave me sometime to do a little research on the rear section of the middeck. The rear most wall of the middeck never looked right, It was either too far back or too far forward. This morning (Sunday), I came across a few images that allowed me to make 'best guess' , which I'm pleased with the results. However, I ran out of time to complete the texture for the rear middeck, but the 'base-texture' is down, just need to refine it a little.

I've also added more details on the rear wall, which originally where going to be 'textured', but having them in 3D looks better.

The storage bags model need to be re-created, as they had far too many ploygons. I'll have an image of the 'default storage bag in the next few days.

1 comment:

Pete said...

That looks AWESOME George :-)

Question: Will the aft hatch have a transparent window, and will the hatch be able to open?

You are an awesome modeller, I can't wait to get ISSU + this Mid-Deck working together :-)